HomeServe UK

HomeServe was set up in 1993 as a joint venture with South Staffordshire Group by HomeServe founder and current CEO Richard Harpin and has since gone from strength to strength.

 2019 stats

15% increase in income per customer
1.2m jobs completed
HVAC revenue rose by 21% to £25.5m
Adjusted operating profit increased by 8% to £66.0m

Operational performance

UK customers were 2.0m (FY18: 2.2m) and retention remained strong at 79% (FY18: 79%) with the lower customer count principally reflecting the absence of policy book acquisitions in the year and a focus on ‘returning customers’. Policy book opportunities continue to be appraised but no acquisitions were completed in FY19 as there had been in previous years.

A small proportion of customers each year take advantage of HomeServe’s introductory low pricing, but then go on to claim at higher than average frequencies for what are often pre-existing problems. These are generally customers who have already benefited from an introductory offer in prior years. With improved insight from new systems, HomeServe is better able to identify these customers and tailor its offers to them. In particular, while such returning customers are welcome to rejoin, introductory rates are removed to prevent ‘dipping in and dropping out’ and, importantly, to reduce the burden the associated higher costs place on its loyal customer base. This change in strategy, together with the termination of certain low priced stand-alone products, has resulted in a reduction in customers this year, but has removed a largely unprofitable element of the customer base and has contributed to the 15% increase in income per customer.

During the year, the UK signed four new partners in the retail energy sector: Co-Op Energy, Green Star Energy, SO Energy and Tonik. There are an estimated 0.5m energy switchers in the UK each month and the new partnerships present an exciting opportunity for HomeServe to introduce its products within the switching process.

Two new systems will go fully live in the UK in FY20: the core customer management system and the claims / network management system. As previously reported, the customer management system will provide a single, holistic view of our customers, which in turn will drive better conversations between agents and customers and offer improved cross sell and retention tools as well as driving down average call times. The network management system will improve claims handling and job deployment and will drive efficiencies in the field with both HomeServe’s directly employed and subcontracted engineers. While these systems will give rise to a higher ongoing amortisation charge, this charge is expected to be offset by operational benefits and efficiencies.

The UK network of 989 directly employed engineers and 315 subcontractors completed 1.2m jobs (FY18: 1.2m). The directly employed network continues to fulfil almost 90% of water jobs and 60% of heating jobs with the remainder of work completed by the subcontract network. In the HVAC business line, Help-Link completed 11.1k boiler installations (FY18: 9.5k).

Customer satisfaction remains high with Trustpilot and Reevoo scores of 8.6 and 96% (FY18: 8.2 and 95%)

The focus for LeakBot has been on turning test relationships with insurers into larger volume deals. The device itself is proven and the wifi model delivers the potential to scale the opportunity. HomeServe now has an approach which is attractive for both HomeServe and home insurers based upon a rental model for the LeakBot devices plus insurers paying HomeServe for a leak finding and fixing service.

Looking forward the UK business will lead certain global Membership initiatives aimed at reinventing customer service and product offers. Already live is a test for HomeServe Now, a technology-led claims process utilising Smart IVR and routing customer calls directly to available engineers in a local radius with engineers accepting the job on a ‘fastest finger first’ basis and attending within an hour. This is a quick and easy experience and one that can improve efficiency for HomeServe and the claims experience for the customer.

UK performance metrics

FY18 FY19
Affinity Partner Households (m) 26 26
Customers (m) 2.2 2.0
Income Per Customer (£) 106 122
Policy Retention Rate 79% 79%
Policies (m) 5.9 5.4

UK performance metrics

FY17 FY18
Affinity Partner Households (m) 24 26
Customers (m) 2.2 2.2
Income Per Customer (£) 96 106
Policy Retention Rate 80% 79%
Policies (m) 5.6 5.9