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Utilities in Australia: challenges & opportunities

With a complex, heavily regulated environment and aggressive green agenda, the outlook for Utilities in Australia presents challenges but also great opportunities for those wishing to extend their relevance in customers’ homes.

Investor day

LONDON – 20 June 2019 – HomeServe plc (“HomeServe”,”the Group”), the international home repairs and improvements business held an investor day at Checkatrade’s offices in Portsmouth.

Utilities on the hot seat of renewable energy

Over the last 30 years, renewable energy has gone from a fringe movement to a fully-fledged contender in the Utility sector. Thanks to large initial investments by governments interested in cleaner energy, the sector is now growing exponentially.

Profits, more and more a result of successful partnerships

We believe in the power of partnerships as an accelerator. This article explores how Utilities such as #eon and Eneco have profited from collaboration, as well as the lift in engagement home service programmes have brought to the likes of Veolia and First Energy.