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Keeping homes running in a crisis

We have collated our thoughts on crisis considerations for home services businesses, and how we have responded. Download our booklet.

Interim results

HomeServe announces strong financial performance in Membership and further investment in growth initiatives

Challenges and opportunities for Utilities in India

With increasing energy demands coinciding with the move to deregulation and regional concessions for electrical supply, it is the first movers amongst the private Utility companies who are set to reap the rewards.

Thinking beyond the meter, profitable for Utilities

Once viewed as secondary to an organisation’s main activities, ancillaries have taken center stage in many sectors in recent years. Utilities have an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of travel and financial industries to benefit from services ‘beyond the meter’.

Utilities in Australia: challenges & opportunities

With a complex, heavily regulated environment and aggressive green agenda, the outlook for Utilities in Australia presents challenges but also great opportunities for those wishing to extend their relevance in customers’ homes.