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Connecting with customers through Home Services

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Key highlights

Building engagement and retaining loyal customers is a priority for many organisations. Our report shows how valued Home Assistance programmes can act as drivers of loyalty, as well as opportunities for incremental revenue.

  • Homeowners say they intend to buy more appliances, suggesting greater need for installations, maintenance and repairs in the home
  • There are concerns about finding suitable tradespeople, and homeowners like the idea of paying monthly for cover which gives peace of mind that unexpected repairs will be dealt with quickly and easily

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  • Interest in Home Assistance programmes has increased by 20% from 2017 to 2019, with 7 in 10 saying they are ready to sign up
  • Companies such as Utilities and appliance manufacturers are seen as ideal providers of Home Assistance programmes
  • Importantly, customers look more favourably on companies who offer repair services in the home. 71% say they would feel better about / remain with a company who provides them with Home Assistance cover

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The Engagement Opportunity for Utilities

Across the globe, customers are seeking solutions to keep their homes running smoothly, and feel their Utility company would be a suitable provider. To better understand the relationships between customers and their Utility companies, we commissioned a study across 20 markets, which helped us identify their concerns around the home and measure their interest in the solutions we can provide.

Keeping homes running in a crisis

We have collated our thoughts on crisis considerations for home services businesses, and how we have responded.