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Connecting with customers through Home Services

The Engagement Opportunity for Utilities

Across the globe, customers are seeking solutions to keep their homes running smoothly, and feel their Utility company would be a suitable provider. To better understand the relationships between customers and their Utility companies, we commissioned a study across 20 markets, which helped us identify their concerns around the home and measure their interest in the solutions we can provide.

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Our findings, outlined in The Engagement Opportunity for Utilities report, show:

  • There is a real need for reliable home experts able to provide home repairs and improvements to address customers’ concerns
  • Over 50% of customers state they are likely buy home services either through membership cover, or on demand

  • Over 60% of customer feel their Utility company is a suitable provider of home assistance and would expect to pay a substantial amount for cover

  • There is an opportunity for Utilities to improve their engagement and connections with their customers. Home Services provide the solution to plug that gap

For a more detailed view on the findings, and how to connect with customers through Home Services, get in touch.