HomeServe’s preliminary end of year results to end March 2017

HomeServe announced strong momentum across the group with operating profit up 20% to £104.7m, as well as a record performance in North America with 100 new partner signings.

Richard Harpin, Chief Executive HomeServe PLC commented. “It has been a very good year for HomeServe with all of our businesses performing well. In North America we had a transformational year, achieving the 3m customer milestone and signing 100 new partners. The acquisition of Utility Service Partners (USP) has accelerated our progress in this large and important market. The investments we have made in Checkatrade and Habitissimo are a major step forward and position HomeServe at the fore of the online revolution we are seeing in home services. We are focused on developing an online platform to connect a wider customer demographic to a broader range of expert tradespeople – “Home Experts”. With these opportunities, and the positive outlook for the rest of our business, HomeServe has an exciting future this coming year and beyond.”

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